Bruce Willis in Looper

Bruce Willis in Looper

The movie Looper is one of the most highly anticipated sci-fi flicks of 2012 so far and has many off the critics falling over themselves to praise it.

The film has already been compared to the likes of The Matrix and Inception and it promises to be the movie not to miss this September.

And ahead of the film's release at the end of the week we have some new images for you to take a look at:

Joseph Gordon Levitt has been a busy boy this year with The Dark Knight Rises and Premium Rush already under his belt and now he has teamed up with Bruce Willis.

Levitt and Willis play the young and older versions of the same character and come face to face when Willis is sent back to the past to be killed by Levitt.

Emily Blunt, Paul Dano, Piper Perabo and Jeff Daniels make up the impressive cast list while Rian Johnson is back in the director's chair.

Johnson has been working in TV of late with Terrier and Breaking Bad but Looper reunites him with Levitt after they worked on Brick together.

In the year 2042 time travel has not yet been invented. But in 30 years it will have been.

Joe works as a Looper, a futuristic assassin who receives and eliminates targets sent back in time by a criminal organisation.

The only rule is that you do not let your target escape - even if that target is you.

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Looper is released 28th September

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