Paul Walker

Paul Walker

This week sees the original cast of Paul Walker, Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster in the fourth film in the movie franchise.

How does it feel to be back?

I was looking forward to going back and hanging out with my friends. So, when the studio and Vin asked me to come on board I thought: 'Why not?'

Did you have any concerns?

My main was concern was that I wasn’t too sure if there was still an audience for the film, as it had been several years since we did the first one, but the studio was optimistic.

And there certainly is an audience for Fast & Furious!

Yes, it has been received really well, and the overall interest to see the movie is actually higher than ever! They definitely know what they are doing.

How has your character evolved from the last time we saw him?

At the beginning of the movie we see that he is working for the F.B.I. and not happy, because he has become old and boring. He is pushing pens and caught up in all the politics that he never really bought into to begin with. And he misses racing.

Once a racer always a racer...

I think so. Once it’s in your blood, forget about it!

Do you enjoy speed too?

I love speed: cars, bikes, fast boats I like anything that has to do with exhilaration.

And how else are you similar to your character?

It’s funny, because I had stepped away from making movies for a while, so my life was also quieter before working on this new film -kind of like my character’s.

How did Brian O’Conner’s change after meeting Dominic Toretto, Vin Diesel’s character, in the first film?

Brian is an idealistic and wanted to bust people and uphold the Law. However, when he met Dominic Toretto he discovered that the man who was supposed to be the bad guy was actually one of the best guys he had ever met.

Does he feel any guilt for having dissolved Toretto’s biker gang?

Yes, he feels so much guilt, because he broke up something that was beautiful. They had a strong sense of family and real love for one another (which I think is the most important thing) and he broke it all up.

Is Brian trying to regain Dominic’s friendship now?

I think that, more than anything, he just wants Dominic to say: 'Hey man, no hard feelings. It’s all good!' But at first he is very reluctant to allow him back, because Brian was deceitful and broke his heart. So, my character has to prove himself worthy.

How does the story pick up the rest of the characters from the original film?

I gave Dominic that car at the end of the first movie and he’s been running away from the Law ever since -hiding out in Mexico and in the Dominican Republic- but has managed to maintain his relationship with Letty. And, if you remember, his sister Mia wanted to be a doctor. Well, she is one now!

Fast & Furious also reunites the original cast. Starting with Vin Diesel, how do you see him now?

Vin is a huge movie star. He always knew he would make it and I respect that about him. We both have different approaches towards life and come from two opposite ends of the spectrum, but I think that’s precisely why we work and get along so well together.

His character makes a perfect match with Letty, played by Michelle Rodriguez.

I have always loved Michelle’s spirit! She sort of beats to her own drum.

And what was Jordana Brewster like to work with again?

Jordana is a true sweetheart and hasn’t changed at all. Like Michelle, you can see that she is beautiful, but what’s not so obvious about her -and the rest of them- is what she has going on inside. That’s why I feel so strongly about them all.

In 2001 Rob Cohen directed The Fast and the Furious, followed a couple of years later by John Singleton’s 2 Fast and 2 Furious. Justin Lin shot the third film, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, and has just completed this new Fast & Furious. Being a friend and admirer of Cohen, do you think the franchise is in good hands?

I love Rob and call him my 'movie Dad.' I always go to him for advise, as he is a good friend and has been through a lot. So, coming back was bittersweet for me because I knew he wasn’t attached to the project; though I had heard Justin Lin was a great guy, and he did a good job with the third. I had some reservations, but I sat down with him and within 30 minutes reached the conclusion that he was awesome.

How did Justin win you over?

It’s his personality, because he is such a good guy! He comes from a really humble background and has that family first mentality that I firmly believe in. His family immigrated here and worked very hard, and he hasn’t forgotten it. Justin is the American Dream.

And what is he like as a director?

He is fair, considerate and very collaborative. Justin Lin is like the captain of a basketball team (a sport that he loves) that knows how to pass the ball and figure out the best way to win.

And his work ethic is unlike nobody else’s! There were days I was worn out, but Justin just has a way of maintaining the healthiest attitude. He is one of my favorite people in Hollywood, and I like his energy a lot.

Speaking of energy, how much action does the film have?

Insane amounts of action! And the majority of it was shot without CGI. It was all real driving!

Did you get to do some of the driving yourself?

Not much, because I guess they couldn’t afford me getting hurt, but the day I got to do some stuff with the car I was like a kid in a candy store. That was my favorite day of work.

What should the public expect from Fast & Furious?

For me, this movie is about having a good time, and that’s what they should expect -to enjoy themselves and have a lot of fun!

Fast and Furious is released 10th April