Stand By Me

Stand By Me

Despite being released 1986 Stand By Me still remains one of the best coming of age dramas, as well as launching the careers of it's young cast.

When four boys hear about a dead body 20 miles down the railroad tracks from their small Oregon town, they clandestinely set upon the unwieldy journey to lay eyes on this rare find.

Amid numerous misadventures, Gordie, Chris, Vern, and Teddy savor what may be their last chance to revel in the simple life of children; around the corner is a future that could tear them apart, not to mention a tough teen gang who desires local fame by finding the body first.

So here at FemaleFirst we took a look at the careers of River Phoenix, Wil Wheaton, Corey Feldman and Jerry O'Connell and their careers after the role that made them stars.

River Phoenix - Chris Chambers

Stand by Me brought Phoenix to prominence as a young talent to keep an eye on and he went on to appear in The Mosquito Coast, Little Nikita and A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon.

He was nominated for a best Supporting Actor Oscar in 1989 for his performance in Running on Empty before making a small appearance as the young Indiana Jones in The Last Crusade.

But after roles in Love You to Death, My Own Private Idaho and Sneakers Phoenix lost his life after he overdosed on cocaine and heroin outside the Viper Room in Hollywood, he was just twenty three.

Will Wheaton - Gordie Lachance

Similarly Wheaton was brought to fame with his role as Gordie in Stand By Me and since then he has worked steadily in both film and television.

After Stand By Me he completed the adaptation of Stephen King's The Body before he moved into television landing the role of Wesley Crusher in Star Trek: The Next Generation for the first four seasons.

Since Stand By Me it's his 1991 movie Toy Soldiers that was his other big movie role as he took on the part of prep-school rebel Joseph 'Joey' Trotta.

After penning his memoir Dancing Barefoot in 2003 Wheaton was signed up to a three book contract.

Corey Feldman - Teddy Duchamp

Corey Feldman had already made a name for himself by 1986 appearing in the likes of Gremlins and, more famously, The Goonies.

After Stand by Me came one of the actor's most famous roles in vampire movie The Lost Boys, where he worked with Corey Haim for the very first time.

The pair became known as 'the two Coreys' and went on to work together in License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream.

In the nineties Feldman had a battle with addiction which impacted on his career and it began to falter. But he moved into television appearing in Dweebs as well as releasing music.

More recently he appeared in The Lost Boys sequel.

Jerry O'Connell - Vern Tessio

Since Stand By Me O'Connell has juggled a television and movie career appearing in films such as Calendar Girl, Scream 2 and Jerry Maguire as well as TV show My Secret Identity between 1988 and 1991.

More recently he was best known for the role of Detective Woody Hoyt in Crossing Jordan before going on to Las Vegas.

He can currently be seen in Obsessed with Idris Elba and Beyonce Knowles which is top of the American box office.

Despite the problems some of them have faced Stand By Me remains one of the bes coming of age dramas that has never been bettered.

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