Sookie, Eric and Bill

Sookie, Eric and Bill

Who doesn’t love a classic tale of love at first bite? There’s no denying that vampire couples have been causing quite a stir lately.

To celebrate the release of True Blood Season 4, we take a look at the most iconic vampire couples in film and TV. From Dracula to Edward Cullen, these cold-blooded fangers know how to make romance hot.

- Dracula and his brides  

He was the dead man that started it all. The most iconic vampire, Dracula always has a woman (or women) at his side. This ancient vamp often has three wives, known as the brides of Dracula.

The brides are enchanting and seduce men to Dracula’s castle where they feed on them.  Dracula and his brides paved the way for the vampire romances we know and love today.

- Spike and Drusilla  

This vampire couple are a dangerous pair. Spike and Drusilla were the antagonists to heroine Buffy in the hit series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Unconventional and passionate,  Spike and Dru were the perfect combination of evil and seduction.

- Bella and Edward  

Undoubtedly one of the most popular vampires, Twilight’s Edward Cullen makes hearts throb.  After all, the soft-spoken vamp glitters in the sun, is a talented musician, and has impossibly beautiful good looks.

To the dismay of teens all over the world, Edward is forever in love with regular girl Bella. Their romance has made Twilight one of the most successful vampire franchises.

- Sookie, Eric and Bill  

Will they, or won’t they? This has been the question that has kept viewers glued to their TV screens since True Blood began. Sookie and Bill had an immediate attraction and a long romance, but there’s no denying the tension between Sookie and Eric.

One of the hottest love triangles to ever grace our screens, Season 4 finally gives viewers a long-awaited answer.

True Blood: the Complete Fourth Season is available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download from 21 May

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