Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Plans for a 'Paradise Lost' movie have been axed.

Director Alex Proyas had planned to turn John Milton's poem into a huge budget film - which was set to star Bradley Cooper - and already had a script featuring input from several writers including Stuart Hazeldine.

However, the picture has run into a number of problems and after being put on hold in December, it has now been shelved completely.

The film had already reached its budget, which had made the studio Legendary Pictures nervous, causing them to decide not to go ahead with it at this time.

As well as Cooper, Casey Affleck and Benjamin Walker had also signed up to the movie, which tells the tale of the battle between good and evil.

Discussing the film previously, Proyas said: "I've sometimes thought that only an insane person would want to make this movie, because it's visually audacious and has to live up to a classic poem that is so beloved. I don't think the visuals could have been done justice until now, which is the great fun of being a film director in this modern age of visual effects."