Eli Roth

Eli Roth

Moviemaker Eli Roth has lashed out at Advertising Standards Authority officials in Britain who have pulled down scary posters for his latest moviethe Last Exorcism, insisting they should spend more time censoring the U.K. media.

likely to upset children and they've called on marketing companies to remove them

The watchdogs insist billboards advertising the film, which opened in Britain in September (10), are "likely to upset children" and they've called on marketing companies to remove them.

The Asa bosses claim they've received a number of complaints over the posters, which feature a young girl doubled over, her dress covered in blood.

Roth tells Wenn that movie bosses have already created "creepy and effective" artwork that will replace the original Last Exorcist billboard, and he has approved it - but he suggests the censors should stop worrying about movie advertising and address the "ubiquitous" British tabloids.

He says, "I do wonder why these people complaining about protecting their children seemingly have no problem with the ubiquitous tabloids which airbrush celebrities to unhealthily skinny or fat, often resulting eatingdisorders in many young girls.

"Then again, there are worse things that can happen to a horror film than to have a controversy over the poster being too disturbing".

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