Emma Thompson

Emma Thompson

Filming on Emma Thompson and Viola Davis' new movie has ground to a halt on location in Louisiana after local officials issued a tornado warning on Thursday (31May12).

The actresses are shooting supernatural drama Beautiful Creatures with co-stars Jeremy Irons and Emmy Rossum, but cast and crew were forced to take shelter when the skies clouded over and heavy storms loomed.

Rossum took to her Twitter.com page to tell fans of the weather warning, writing, "Where we are shooting just got put on tornado watch. There isa storm brewing. Just heard thunder. Black clouds rolling over head".

The dark skies are far removed from the sweltering temperatures the stars experienced on Wednesday (30May12), when Rossum tweeted "Today was almost unbearably warm. 94 degrees in sun-drenched Louisiana. Emma Thompson & I tried to make sweaty look dewy".

Director Richard LaGravenese's Beautiful Creatures, about two new friends who uncover dark secrets about their families, is scheduled to hit cinemas in February (13).