"Can I tell you that it is absolutely going tot happen on a certain date? No, we're not that close. But I'm certainly doing everything in my personal power to make that happen!" Head & Genitals Go Missing On Hannibal Rising Set.... Hannibal Rising director Peter Webber is keeping a close eye on Internet auction site eBay because he's sure that's where stolen items from his new movie will show up.A severed rubber head and penis went missing from the set of the Silence Of The Lambs prequel and Webber is convinced they'll be auctioned off in cyberspace.He says, "There's a character called Dortlich (Richard Blake), whose head is severed during the course of the movie, and that head was stolen by someone."There's also a scene with a body that Hannibal Lecter (Gaspard Ulliel) is working on in one scene; it's a full-size replica human body, including the genitals."Somebody stole the genitals. They actually cut them off and took them away."So someone has got a large rubber penis and a rubber head at home and I don't know what they're doing with it. I think it'll end up on eBay."

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