Idris Elba

Idris Elba

Idris Elba has revealed that he would love to do more comedy roles.

The actor is currently part of the ensemble cast of Prometheus, which is enjoying huge box office success, but admits that he wants to tackle projects that are more light-hearted and fun.

Speaking to Vulture the actor said: "I haven't done any romantic comedies. I haven't done many comedies. I'd like to do some films skewed towards children.

"I love kids and kids like me, so I'd like to do something a bit silly and in that world."

"I'm not getting offered roles by Disney at all. But I'd love to try something like that. I admire Dwayne Johnson, the Rock, and those type of films are such fun. My daughter loves those type of films."

But the actor doesn't have any projects like that in the pipeline at the moment as he has completed work on They Die By Dawn and Pacific Rim, which sees him team up with director Guillermo Del Toro.

He is currently filming No Good Deed with Taraji P.Henson and will be reprising the role of Heimdall in Thor 2.

Earlier this week there was also talk of a possible Luther movie - Elba won a Golden Globe for his work on the TV show earlier this year.

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