John Moore with Jai and Sebastian at Die Hard premiere

John Moore with Jai and Sebastian at Die Hard premiere

John Moore is very proud of the car chase in 'A Good Day To Die Hard'.

The director was determined to film as many stunts as he could live without relying on CGI to create the explosions and thrills in the movie - which sees Bruce Willis reprise his role as John McClane for a fifth time.

John was most pleased with how the epic car chase - which took 78 days to shoot and sees McClane drive a Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen as he chases a military tank through the streets of Russia - turned out on the big screen

Speaking at the film's premiere at the Empire Cinema in London's Leicester Square on Thursday night (07.02.13), John told BANG Showbiz: "Some of the stunts were difficult because we wanted to do everything for real. That's a much abused term; people are usually full of s**t when they say that.

"But we were able to do most things for real, we crashed a lot of cars and we pulled off one of the bigger car chases in movie history, that was great. We did it because the audience for 'Die Hard' deserves it. The 'Die Hard' franchise deserves it."

At one point in the chase McClane drives the Mercedes over the top of several cars in Moscow, and the filmmaker admits McClane's blunt character inspired the destructive solution to a traffic jam.

John said: "Moscow has one of the busiest roads in the world. So I thought, 'What would John McClane do?' He'd just drive over the other cars."

Bruce also walked the red carpet at the glitzy event along with Jai Courtney - who plays McClane's son Jack McClane - and

Sebastian Koch.