Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts

Julia Roberts still gets nervous.

The veteran actress was happy to give her 'Mirror Mirror' co-star Lily Collins advice when they worked together on the film but the younger star had hoped to be told that filming fears eventually subside.

She said: "Julia was so lovely and said, 'You know, no matter how much you've done this, you always have scenes that make you nervous and psych you out the entire time.'

"I mean, I was hoping it would go away! But it was quite a relief to know nerves don't just come from being new, they come from passion and really caring about something."

Lily is the daughter of musician Phil Collins and revealed she didn't tell him that she had to sing in 'Mirror Mirror' and he was delighted with her performance when he eventually saw it.

She said: "I didn't tell him I was singing in it until the song was done.

"I wanted to surprise him. But he made me play it over and over again."