Lily Collins

Lily Collins

Lily Collins experienced a "weird shift" in her life after realising she has become better known to some members of the public than her musician father Phil Collins.

The rising star, who plays Snow White in new movie Mirror Mirror, was told by a friend that a DJ referred to the Genesis legend as "Lily Collins' dad" after he played a track - and the 23 year old insists it was "the weirdest thing" she has ever heard.

She tells Britain's The Sun, "Someone told me they were listening to the radio and they were playing classic hits. At the end the DJ came on and said, 'For all of you who don't know, that was Phil Collins - Lily Collins' dad'. "I thought that was the weirdest thing, just so bizarre.

Even my dad has said to me, 'You know, I am known as your dad now'.

"But he is extremely proud and couldn't be happier. He came to the premiere the other day and we were just like a huge family. It was so lovely to have Mum and Dad there. "It is a weird shift.

I am doing what I am now because I am doing it - I never wanted to give anybody the ability to say I am doing something because of family".