Broke Match Point Star Dreams Of Robbing A Bank.... Match Point star Matthew Goode dreams of robbing a US bank with a banana because he's sick of being flat broke.Despite a string of hit movies and a growing profile as an actor, the Brit has yet to cut his first worthwhile pay cheque and is relying on family charity to live.And his need for riches has prompted dreams of holding up a bank, just like his mean character in new film The Lookout does.He explains, "It would be nice to have a bit of cash right now. I'd pretty much walk up to a bank teller with a banana in my jacket, so I could just laugh it off if I got arrested, and say, 'I was just a bit drunk officer, I'm so sorry.' "I could get away with anything with a British accent over here in America, but in England they'd be like, 'Listen, you tosser, you're not taking the money.'" Goode hopes his next movie, the blockbuster adaptation of hit TV series Brideshead Revisited, will help him pay back generous family members who have been supporting his acting dream.He adds, "I've been borrowing rent money from my sister for the last three months."

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