Rafe Spall

Rafe Spall

Rafe Spall has described working with Ang Lee as something that he will take with him forever.

Spall teamed up with the Oscar winning filmmaker for the first time for Life of Pi, which hits the big screen later this month.

And while Spall admits that it was daunting to work with Lee he has got so much out of the experience.

Speaking to The Press Association the actor said: "It is daunting to work with Ang Lee, it's scary. You want him to think that you're a good actor.

"He's very specific and he works incredibly hard but all in all you feel like you're breathing rarefied air, you feel like not many people get this opportunity, to work with this great of cinema.

"And there's a reason his films are so great, it's because he's extraordinary with actors ... He's so precise and to have that opportunity to be directed by him is something I'll take with me forever."

Spall has mixed his film s work with TV this year as he jumped from Ridley Scott's Prometheus to TV series Pete Versus Life.

And we will be seeing plenty of him next year as he has already completed work on The F Word and I Give It A Year.

Life of Pi is released 20th December.

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