Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson landed the lead role in 'Cosmopolis' because he is "very charismatic".

Director David Cronenberg revealed the 'Twilight' actor's personality played a big part in him being cast in the drama movie - which also stars Juliette Binoche and Paul Giamatti - because he needs to be able to "carry the weight" of expectation on him as well as the motion picture itself as he appears in "every scene".

He said: "Yeah. In a weird way, on the one hand of course I'm completely aware of all of those elements and also of course when you're making a movie that for an independent movie was relatively expensive, you have to have a leading character who is very charismatic and who can carry the weight and has the star quality and so on, because you're going to be looking at him.

"He's literally in every scene in the movie, and that's pretty unusual. I mean even in Tom Cruise movies, Tom is not in absolutely every scene of the movie - but Rob is. So he has to have that."

While David largely casts actors following their impressive performances in other movies, when he is filming his own motion pictures he completely forgets about the stars' past performances and is keen to see how they perform in a new surrounding.

He added to "So ultimately when you're making the movie you're saying, 'Okay, I'm here with these actors. They're wonderful actors, I cast them because they're terrific and they will bring great stuff to the script,' and then at that point you're just making a movie and you're not thinking about any other movie."