Robin Williams

Robin Williams

Robin Williams says there will be no 'Mrs. Doubtfire' sequel because writers couldn't make it "work".

They're trying to figure out which [story] to write for that. We will see what happens

The comic actor admits the possibility of a follow-up to the 1993 film - in which he played a divorced dad who impersonates a female housekeeper to see more of his kids - was discussed, but eventually rejected because the unambiguous ending of the original picture made it virtually impossible.

He said: "They could never write it. They kept trying and it doesn't work.. because at the end of the first one they reveal who [Mrs Doubtfire] is. So it ends up being her for five minutes and then she transitions into some old Russian woman. They so far can't crack it."

Robin also admitted the heavily-rumoured 'Good Morning Chicago' - a proposed follow-up to his 1987 movie 'Good Morning Vietnam' - was in development at one stage but the project never got off the ground.

He told MovieHole: "That was actually real. They were trying to write it. It was based around the democratic convention in Chicago. Part of it worked, Part of it didn't work because it'd be him dealing with the politics of revolt in Chicago at the time. but anyway, they did do [the script] but it didn't all work. It was also a matter of trying to find someone to back it. It was almost there. It was a great idea! thanks for reminding me! Wow."

However, one sequel Robin admitted could happen is 'The Birdcage 2'.

He said: "They're trying to figure out which [story] to write for that. We will see what happens".