Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds has revealed that he is not a fan of working with overly competitive actors.

Reynolds, who is back on the big screen in Green Lantern, has called filmmaking a 'collaborative' process and believes that there is no place for egos.

Speaking to Virgin Media the actor said: "It's toxic on a set when you're competitive with other actors.

"Whenever I've worked with another actor who's been competitive, usually nine times out of ten it's backfired on them - they've had a really unsatisfying experience.

"A film is so collaborative. It's the sum of its parts."

Reynolds took on the role of Hal Jordan in summer blockbuster Green Lantern, based on a DC Comic character.

But the movie has struggled at the box office and has so far only just made back it's $200 million budget.

But the actor has plenty of projects in the pipeline with The Change-Up, Safe House and the Croods.

He is also set to reprise the role of Wade Wilson in a standalone Deadpool movie.

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