Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch

Taylor Kitsch has revealed that he loves working with Peter Berg as there is a real trust between them.

Kitsch worked with Berg on TV series Friday Night Lights and now they have re-united for big budget blockbuster Battleship.

And the actor admits that he likes the trust that exists between them as they constantly push one another when they work together.

Speaking to FemaleFirst the actor said: “I love working with him as it is very empowering as an actor.

“We are friends first and foremost and so what comes with that is a lot of trust, and that is everything on every set whether it is Oliver Stone, Andrew Stanton or Pete Berg.

“And I needed to trust him a little more on this film because a lot is put in in post production and you are make believing a lot more.

“Also who we are as people we like to push the envelope and we push each other through that process which is great.”

This is the second blockbuster of the year for Kitsch as this comes hot off the heels of sci-fi movie John Carter.

But Kitsch is set to leave the blockbuster behind later this year as he stars in Oliver Stone’s gritty drama Savages. 

Battleship is released 11th April.

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