Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam

Terry Gilliam has criticised the box office smash Avatar claiming that it hurts smaller filmmakers.

Gilliam, the filmmaker being 12 Monkeys, Fear and Loathing Las Vegas and The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, claimed that James Cameron's movies are just designed to make money and other projects miss out on funding as a result. 

Speaking to Contactmusic the filmmaker said: "There are so many small, beautiful film-makers and actors and directors with so much potential that just can't get a look in because the studios are pumping all their money into these huge projects.

"There are such incredible lower-budget films that are magical, but we've got our work cut out with things like 'Avatar' coming out.

"How are these young talents supposed to get a look in without the budget? That's the sad thing, because they are just as good."

"Avatar cost a rumoured $300 million to make, and has pioneered new 3-D technology in cinema, but film critic Barry Norman suggested this doesn't mean it should automatically win awards.

"Avatar will win all the awards this year, not that it deserves to.

"James Cameron's films are designed to make money and that they do well. The films that make the most money are not the best films

Avatar has broke the $2 billion barrier at the global box office, overtaking Titanic as the biggest grossing movie of all time. The sci-fi epic has also become the biggest grossing movies at the U.S. and UK box office.

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