Tim Burton

Tim Burton

Tim Burton revealed that Michelle Pfeiffer called him when she heard that he was making Dark Shadows.

The actress takes on the role of Elizabeth Collins Stoddard in Tim Burton's latest project, and is there first movie since Batman Returns in 1992.

Speaking to Empire the actress said: "Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman is one of my favourite performances in any of my films.

"I hadn't spoken to her in many, many years and then she actually called me up about this film before I was even officially doing it.

"She said 'I never call people but I heard you might be making Dark Shadows and I would really like to be a part of it'".

Dark Shadows is the first movie for Burton since the billion dollar success of Alice In Wonderland back in 2010.

The film also reunites him with Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, who star alongside Eva Green and Chloe Moretz.

Dark Shadows is released 11th May.

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