Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson

With this process, I was told this could happen

Wes Anderson believes Meryl Streep improved 'The Fantastic Mr. Fox'.

The director, writer and producer claims working with the screen legend - who voiced the role of Mrs. Felicity Fox, the title character's pregnant wife - helped him make the film a bigger success by bringing a new level of emotion to the animated animal movie.

He said: "I recorded with her in Paris. It was the two of us playing these scenes and that has its own great quality. It was very enjoyable, as well. I mean, I had the chance to play scenes opposite Meryl Streep. I felt like she actually changed my approach to the movie. She brought so much emotion, it was like, this is where it's got to be. The stakes can be higher."

Wes admits the film improved once again when the star-studded cast got together to record a group scene.

He added to The Washington Post: "The sessions on the farm in Connecticut, with George Clooney and Bill Murray were like an adventure, with everyone on location together. It was special. It was more exciting from a sentimental point of view. It bonded everybody.

"With this process, I was told this could happen. You keep previewing and adding things because you're only shooting a little bit at a time - it's like a pencil version of the movie that you can judge and polish and refine, and it becomes a part of the actors' lives."

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