Alec Baldwin is set to star in cop thriller 'Crown Vic'.

Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin

Baldwin has been cast in director Joel Souze's gritty, futuristic police drama opposite Scott Eastwood.

The story - which has been penned by the filmmaker - revolves around two LAPD officers navigating through their own personal turmoil while hunting down a couple of vicious cop killers.

Scott will play a young idealistic officer, who is partnered with a grizzled veteran of the force played by Alec.

The younger cop is appalled at the older man's cynical take on the job, but before the end of the night he will find his own ideals tested and compromised.

The film will begin shooting in Los Angeles in May and will be convenient for the 'Concussion' star, who recently spoke about relocating to the area with his 32-year-old pregnant wife Hilaria - with whom he has children Carmen, two, and Rafael, 10 months.

Alec - who also has 20-year-old daughter Ireland with ex-wife Kim Basinger - said: "New York is just ... I go out the door of my house, every day there's all these photographers here. We have a little baby, you think I want my kid raised like that?

"My ex wife raised my other daughter in Los Angeles. What does Los Angeles mean, what does it signify? It means gated living. You pull up to a gate you go behind a wall and you're done with it. You get out of valet parking you go into a restaurant you're on private property. Your feet never touch public land!"

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