Ang Lee

Ang Lee

Ang Lee isn't worried about not winning Best Picture at the Oscars.

The 'Life of Pi' director - who received his second Best Director statue at the Academy Awards last night (24.02.13) for the heroic film about a teenager who is lost at sea - isn't disappointed to have been snubbed for the Best Picture prize despite now being a two-time winner in the directorial category.

Speaking backstage following his win, he explained: "It's like Best Picture, whatever I get. I think everybody got it tonight in our group would feel the same way.

"Maybe third time we get it. But I'm very happy to get this. And very importantly, I really think this is for everybody work on the film."

The Taiwanese director - who previously won Best Director for 'Brokeback Mountain' - added that there were "many things" to consider in the Best Picture category, which was ultimately won by Ben Affleck-directed 'Argo'.

He said: "The Best Picture requires so many things. Is it necessarily the best picture artistically, I don't know. It's just most people, they feel like it's the most beloved movie this year by our industry."

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