Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins has described working on Red 2 as the best time that he has had on a movie in years.

The Oscar winning actor is one of the exciting new additions to the Red 2 cast list as he teams up with Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren and John Malkovich.

Speaking to Empire the actor said: "I’m a crazy nuclear physicist. Helen and Bruce rescue me from the loony bin, and everyone’s after me: the Russians, the British, the Americans and the Iranians.

"This is the best time I’ve had on a movie in years. Willis is great. I’m a big fan of Die Hard. I remember seeing it in Australia in 1990."

Dean Parisot is in the director's chair this time around while Catherine Zeta-Jones and David Thewlis are two of the other additions to the action packed cast list.

As for Hopkins we will be seeing him reprise the role of Odin in Thor: The Dark World while he has also completed work on Noah - which will be released next year.

Red 2 is released 2nd August.

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