Bradley Cooper thinks he's a rubbish cook.

Bradley Cooper

Bradley Cooper

Cooper - who plays chef Adam Jones in 'Burnt' - admitted researching for his role made him realise he "can't cook", even though being in the kitchen is "soothing" for him because it reminds him of his family.

Bradley said: "When I was a kid I would screw up cooking with my grandmother. It was an Italian family, so cooking was a huge part of it. Being around food is very soothing to me.

"My grandfather had a garlic business. I grew up with that environment, and it reminds me of my childhood... I actually learnt how much I can't cook by doing this film."

The Hollywood hunk didn't get much time to study for his part, but he did spend a month getting to grips with his character and found his experience of working in restaurants when he was young has "paid off".

He told Yahoo: "I didn't have as much time to prep, but I was able to spend a month living and breathing it.

"(But) the thing that really paid off was the fact that I'd been doing research since I was a kid, working in restaurants."

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