Bryan Cranston will always "purge" a character when he has finished with it.

Bryan Cranston

Bryan Cranston

Cranston has been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar for his depiction of Dalton Trumbo in the new biopic, and received critical acclaim for his portrayal of a teacher who finds out he has cancer and uses his biochemistry skills to make crystal meth in 'Breaking Bad'.

And Bryan says although it can be a difficult thing to do, he has put the characters to bed and let them "die".

Bryan said: "What I do is purge after each role. So Walter White has left me. I took some time to let that go. To wash him away and respectfully allow him to die. Same with Dalton Trumbo and whoever comes next. That was there is no residue in me. It's a clean slate."

Asked how he sheds a character, the actor quipped: "I just throw up! No, I just let it go. Our lives are cyclical, our human bodies are cyclical, our human bodies are cyclical, the seasons are cyclical. It would be foolish to try to prevent that cycle from happening. 'What's next?' is a common theme for me."

Bryan is now ready for his next project entitled 'Sneaky Pete', which he wrote based on his own childhood experiences.

He told Metro newspaper: "It's the story of a bad man who finds reasons to become good. My family called me Sneaky Pete because when I was a child I was kind of a sneaky guy, one who tried to circumvent responsibility and avoid accountability."

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