Chris Pratt worried about "f***ing up" the new 'Jurassic Park' movie.

Chris Pratt

Chris Pratt

Pratt was a huge fan of the original 1993 film, even watching it twice during its opening weekend, so admits he was initially wary of accepting a role in the franchise reboot, 'Jurassic World'.

He said: "I jumped with hesitation [because] I wouldn't want to be on a team that f***ed it up... We didn't screw it up."

Chris - who has two-year-old son Jack with wife Anna Faris - also has another remake in the pipeline, 'Magnificent Seven', and thinks it is natural these days for studios to revisit old movies or base films on things that are already well known.

He told Britain's Glamour magazine: "In this day and age, you need a title to reach out to an audience.

"Executives and studios want to cover their butts if it doesn't work and be able to say, 'It was a famous board game, of course I thought it was going to work.'

"They're often quite different - characters, story, setting. It is going to be called the 'Magnificent Seven' but it's not going to be the original 'Magnificent Seven.'

"In fact, the 'Magnificent Seven' was a remake of 'Seven Samurai'."