Christian Bale

Christian Bale

Christian Bale is reportedly in talks with Sony about playing Steve Jobs in a biopic of the late Apple co-founder's life.

Bale has reportedly been in discussions with Sony who want Christian to play the Apple co-founder in a biopic based on his life.

Famed director Danny Boyle has already signed up to direct the film, while Aaron Sorkin has been busy writing the script.

The writer - who has also worked on 'The Social Network' - has revealed that the movie will be split into three parts, including the launch of the Mac computer, the start of his computer company NeXT and the birth of the iPod.

Talking to the Daily Beast, Aaron said: "It's a little like writing about the Beatles. There are so many people out there that know him and revere him."

Leonardo DiCaprio has also been contacted about the role. However, 'The Wolf of Wall Street' actor has reportedly turned down the job offer leaving the path clear for Christian.

If everything goes according to plan, the as-yet-unnamed movie will reportedly start shooting in the spring before Christian starts filming for his other project, 'The Deep Blue Goodbye'.

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