Daniel Craig treated 'Spectre' like a normal "acting job".

Daniel Craig

Daniel Craig

Craig doesn't want to exhibit any misplaced confidence about the forthcoming Sam Mendes-directed film before its release - and revealed he was not consciously trying to better the 2012 hit 'Skyfall' during filming.

He said: "Hubris is the enemy of filmmaking. To say 'yeah, we've got a movie' would just be stupid of me.

"We did everything we could, I think we put the money in the right place. We just tried to make it better - not better than 'Skyfall', but every day we tried to make it better."

Daniel initially felt a pressure to match the success of 'Skyfall', but quickly realised it was unhealthy and so he tried to approach the new movie in a relaxed fashion.

He told Total Film magazine: "At the beginning, but then after a while, you're are just like: what do you do?

"You can't kind of say, 'Ooh you've got to make it better than the other one'. I think if you think about that all the time, then ... All I wanted to do was treat it like an acting job."

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