David Goyer says he responded with 'giddiness' when he saw Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for the first time.

David Goyer

David Goyer

Goyer is back on writing and executive producing duties for the highly anticipated film Dawn of Justice as he works on his second Batman franchise - he originally worked with Christopher Nolan on his trilogy of Batman movies.

And Goyer has already had a sneak peak of Zac Snyder's film and he says that it is 'crazy' that he is involved in a movie project like this.

Speaking to Collider, Goyer said: "I think just the kind of giddiness in being a kid that grew up going to the comic book store every Saturday and reading comic books in which these two epic characters clashed.

"Just the fact that I got to be involved in something like that is crazy. Much less that I got to be involved in two cinematic iterations of Batman is also crazy."

And while Goyer had a great experience watching this new movie, he offered up no hints as to what we can expect when the film hits the big screen next year.

He continued: "I mean... There's some cool stuff that happens in the film, let's just leave it at that."

Goyer is no stranger to the new Superman franchise, having penned the screenplay for Man of Steel and Dawn of Justice sees him reunite with filmmaker Snyder.

Dawn of Justice is the first time that we have seen Superman since Man of Steel and will see Henry Cavill return to the role. The movie will also introduce us to Ben Affleck's Batman for the first time.

Affleck is not the only new face we are going to see in Dawn of Justice as Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa and Jesse Eisenberg will be introduced as Wonder Woman, Aquaman, and Lex Luthor.

As for Goyer, he is currently promoting the third season of TV series Da Vinci's Demons, where he has penned the screenplay, and he is also working with Joseph Gordon Levitt in bringing Sandman to the big screen.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is released 25th March 2016.

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