Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart delighted fans today (07.06.16) by turning up to separate screenings of 'Central Intelligence'.

Dwayne Johnson's Instagram

Dwayne Johnson's Instagram

The duo star in the forthcoming comedy title as former high school classmates Calvin and Bob who meet at a reunion and embark on a top secret mission, and shocked moviegoers when they made their surprise cinema appearances.

The Rock shared a video on Instagram of a theatre filled with a thousand fans and could be heard saying in the clip: "Yes! I'm coming in, I'm coming in! I'm trying not to fall in front of a thousand people. Bear with me...Yo, whats up everybody! Alright, here's my mic, Kevin hart is right there, he's on the screen, check him out, but Kevin, shut the f**k up when I'm talking"

Hart replied: "Don't tell me to shut up when I'm right here!"

Johnson captioned the video: "SURPRISE! (thank God I didn't fall and bust my ass;). Love you back GERMANY! Me and @Kevinhart4real surprised 1,000 fans in separate movie theatres at the same time - what a blast! #CentralIntelligence #WorldPressTour #3Countries #In3Days #Germany (sic)"

Meanwhile, Hart - whose other credits include the 'Ride Along' movies - previously revealed it was his "job" to guide his friend, who he thinks has a "fearless" attitude to humour, through the various gaffes their characters encounter in the film because the former wrestler is more used to action than comedy.

Speaking about his pal he said: "My job was to get him to an area where he could not only be funny, but be safe. I had to have his back... You can't teach funny. You either have it, or you don't. And what DJ has is that 'I don't give a s**t' attitude. You have to have a fearless attitude to go in and take comedy risks when you don't do comedy. It's about confidence."

But Dwayne, 43, was more than happy to take some of the pressure to be funny off his 26-year-old co-star's shoulders.

During an interview with the pair, the 'Fast and Furious' previously shared: "This was a great opportunity for Kevin to be funny, but not have to carry the funny of the entire film. He could show more range and more depth, and even more emotion too, within the umbrella of comedy. I was really proud of him."