Helen Mirren won't do anymore nude scenes.

Dame Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford

Dame Helen Mirren and Taylor Hackford

Mirren - who famously stripped for 'Calendar Girls' in 2003 - has said the only person who will get her to remove her clothes now is her director husband Taylor Hackford.

She said: "My pleasure pillows are purely for my husband.

"That's the good thing about getting older, you don't have to do that sort of thing any more."

The Oscar-winning actress wasn't keen on going nude to begin with, but when she first started acting, stripping wasn't considered a big deal.

In an interview with CBS, she questioned: "Does it really matter? It seemed to be not a thing to get your knickers in a twist over.

"I was doing nude scenes in the first moment I started doing movies. It was the era."

The 'Woman in Gold' star - who also bared-all in 1979's 'Caligula' - said sex scenes are everywhere now, even before the watershed on the small screen.

She added: "When I was doing 'Caligula', it was 'shock, horror!'

"But now, with 'Game of Thrones', it's on at 8pm and everything's a sex scene."

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