Henry Cavill would "relish" the chance to be the next James Bond.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill

Cavill was eyed up for the role a decade ago but was passed over by movie bosses who chose to cast fellow British actor Daniel Craig.

But with rumours rife that the 'Spectre' star is set to hang up his gun and tuxedo very soon and exit the franchise, Henry is less inclined to let the opportunity slip through his fingers twice and is ready to swoop in as his replacement.

Speaking about playing the handsome British spy, he said: "If Bond were to come about, it's a role I would relish playing."

Henry currently stars in 'Batman v Superman: Man of Steel' as the ripped superhero who goes head-to-head with The Caped Crusader - played by Ben Affleck.

However, he's on the look-out for more "serious" roles and is on a mission to ensure he is not just known as a "pretty face".

He told the Daily Mirror newspaper: "I need to prove I am a serious actor by playing roles that show that. But there are still people who I won't win over and will always call me just a pretty face."

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