Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney

Jai Courtney relished working with Bruce Willis and Tom Cruise on two of his first three films and actively took mental notes as he watched the acting legends in action.

The hunk had only appeared in one other movie before being plucked from obscurity to co-star alongside Cruise in the action-packed Jack Reacher and play Willis' son in the new A Good Day to Die Hard, so he did all he could to soak up as much of their expertise as possible.

He tells the New York Daily News, "Bruce is such a pro, and Tom knows cameras inside and out. They're so economical in how they make decisions. It's part of what makes them so good. For example, knowing what lens is in the camera, they'll create the subtlest of shifts.

"They calculate their performance accordingly, but without losing spontaneity. "They know what they're doing...They're very technical.

"It's about timing and placement, doing everything to help get the shot".

And Courtney hopes he gets to work with Willis again because he's got a great idea if producers want to make a sixth film in the iconic Die Hard franchise.

He jokes, "There are a lot of bad dudes in my home country.So maybe we can shoot it down there.

"We'll blow up the Sydney Harbor Bridge, the Opera House - all the iconic landmarks".