Joaquin Phoenix has revealed he would "do virtually anything" for director Paul Thomas Anderson.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Phoenix, who worked with the director on the 2012 film 'The Master', has reunited with him for 'Inherent Vice' and has hailed his film-making abilities.

He told The Huffington Post: "I really enjoyed working with him on 'The Master' and I was flattered and pleased that he'd have me back. I mean, I think I would do virtually anything that Paul wanted me to do. It's such a unique experience working with him. I definitely enjoyed it."

Joaquin's view has been echoed by his 'Inherent Vice' co-star Joanna Newsom, who's hailed the director as an innovative film-maker.

She reflected: "I think every one of his films stands apart from every other one of his films. I think he's an incredible ... you know, I think it's an overused term, but I think he shifts paradigms with each film."

Joanna said the director's films are the upshot of original thinking.

The 33-year-old star explained: "It's built from the ground up, it's done with different natural laws and different assumptions. The air smells different and the colours look different. He creates universes."

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