Joaquin Phoenix has revealed why he has passed on so may blockbuster opportunities, saying that most of them were not really 'fulfilling.'

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

Earlier this year Phoenix was in talks with Marvel about landing a role in the upcoming film Doctor Stranger, however, that project never happened from the Oscar nominated actor.

And while Phoenix admits that blockbuster films have got better over the years, he wants directors to focus more on the character rather than on the set-pieces.

Speaking to Time Out London, the actor said: "When I was younger I was probably a bit of a snob about [taking on blockbuster roles]. But they've gotten better. I've flirted with several of those films, having meetings and getting close, but ultimately it never felt like they'd really be fulfilling. There were too many requirements that went against my instincts for character.

"I've been spoiled. I've never had to make those compromises. I've not met a director yet with one of those films where we go through the script, they say: 'You know what, f**k this set-piece, let's focus on the character!' I understand, but it's best I don't do it."

Doctor Strange is about to go into production and will be the new Marvel franchise to hit the big screen in the autumn of next year. Scott Derrickson is in the director's chair, while Benedict Cumberbatch, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Tilda Swinton are all on board.

As for Phoenix, he is back later this month with new film Irrational Man, which sees him team up with filmmaker Woody Allen for the first time. Emma Stone is also on board.

This is only the second movie outing for Phoenix this year and comes after he starred in Inherent Vice at the beginning of 2015.

Irrational Man is released 11th September. Doctor Strange is released 28th October 2016.

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