Judd Apatow questions the notion that romantic-comedy movies are dead.

Judd Apatow

Judd Apatow

Apatow, whose film credits include 'Trainwreck' and 'Knocked Up', admits that he has heard conflicting things about the current status of rom-coms, which once dominated the movie business.

He shared: "People say that [they are dead] ... But someone said to me that 'Trainwreck' is like 'Bridget Jones'."

However, Apatow has urged moviewatchers to resist the temptation to attach too much importance to films, especially in relation to finding love.

He said: "I love movies where people find it. I love movies where people don't - but people trying to solve their emotional problems so they can be in a relationship with someone, I think that's funny."

What's more, Apatow admitted he couldn't care less about accusations that he has gone soft himself.

He told The Sunday Times newspaper: "I guess some people don't like the idea of someone being happy at the end of a movie. Or they think, 'You shouldn't need a relationship to be happy'. I've been hearing that a lot lately. 'I don't like movies where a man needs a woman or a woman needs a man.'"

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