Leonardo DiCaprio says making 'The Revenant' was like "rehearsing theatre."

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio

DiCaprio has been vocal about the tough conditions for making his new movie, in which he had to eat raw bison liver, film in sub-zero temperatures and take shelter inside a dead horse, but the cast and crew were also restricted by the tight schedule in which to capture the scenes and it gave the shoot a live performance vibe.

Speaking about the film, in which he plays legendary American frontiersman Hugh Glass who sustains injuries from a brutal bear attack and is left for dead, Leonardo told 'This Morning': "They wanted to shoot in natural light so we had this hour-and-a-half window and that was one of the things that was so unique about this movie - every day was almost like rehearsing theatre. You work out your co-ordination with the other actors, the camera, and all other departments and then you have this manic hour-and-a-half of natural light where you have to achieve that day's work. If you don't achieve it, you're back the next day - it was like an adrenaline filled experience every single day."

The cast - which includes Tom Hardy, Domhall Gleeson and Will Poulter - filmed the movie in the wilderness for nine months.

DiCaprio said: "It was one of the most difficult experiences for the entire crew and cast ... our director wanted to really immerse us in nature and give us a documentary feel to the movie making experience."

The movie has received 12 Academy Award nominations with DiCaprio up for Best Actor, Alejandro G Inarritu in the running for Best Director and Hardy up for Best Supporting Actor and the movie will compete for Best Picture among others.

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