Paul Walker

Paul Walker

Universal Pictures bosses met on Sunday (01.12.13) to discuss the future of 'Fast & Furious 7' following lead actor Paul Walker's death on Saturday (30.11.13).

Universal Pictures bosses held a conference call early on Sunday morning (01.12.13) to discuss the future of the new action movie - which began filming in September - after the death of one of the franchise's leading men in a fiery car crash on Saturday (30.11.13).

According to The Hollywood Reporter, production was due to recommence in Atlanta, Georgia, on Sunday following a break for the Thanksgiving holiday, but shooting is expected to be pushed back. The film's July 2014 release date will also likely change.

Walker is one of the main stars in the 'Fast & Furious' franchise alongside Vin Diesel and Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and, thus, is heavily featured in the script for the new flick directed by James Wan.

Producers are now deciding whether script rewrites will be necessary in light of the star's tragic death under circumstances similar to the high-speed car chases seen in the blockbuster movies.

Meanwhile, producers of Walker's soon-to-be-released Hurricane Katrina film 'Hours' have decided to push ahead with their December 13 release date after meeting on Sunday also.

Producer Peter Safran said: "Paul would have very much wanted us to move forward. He was incredibly proud of this project. We did a press junket two weeks ago, and I remember sitting with him and how excited he was for people to see this movie. He really looked to this movie to show people that he is an actor. He was looking for something to showcase his acting skills, which he so rarely had the chance to do. He hit it out of the park."