Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais

Ricky Gervais says his failed music career is helping him to write new movie 'Life on the Road'.

The much-anticipated flick will follow the musical exploits of David Brent - the focal point of Gervais' most famous comedy creation 'The Office', which was set in a paper merchants in Slough - and the 53-year-old comedian said his personal experiences of making music is helping to inspire the script.

He told ITV's 'This Morning': "I brought him back briefly for Comic Relief, because people were asking, 'What is he doing now?'

"So it's ten years after 'The Office' and he is currently going up and down the UK selling cleaning products, but he's never let go of that dream of being a popstar!

"He thinks he can still make it... and thinks he might get signed if he goes on tour, so the film will be about that. I failed miserably myself [as a popstar] so I've put it into this! It is fun being on stage."

Asked when fans can expect the film to hit cinema screens, Gervais added: "I'm writing it now, and we film it next year, so will be out two years from now."

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