Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen

Sacha Baron Cohen has declined the chance to reprise the role of Borat, despite being made a very lucrative offer.

Cohen - who is also famous for his character Ali G - has been offered as much as £16 million to return to the roles, but has opted against it because he feels they are too well known throughout the world.

Sacha, who is married to actress Isla Fisher, 38, feels that in order for the characters to return to their previous levels of success, the public would need to be oblivious to them, the Daily Star newspaper reports.

And given the success of both movies, he thinks it's impossible for this to be the case.

Between them, the films featuring the iconic comedy characters earned as much as £320 million at the box office.

Dan Mazer, co-writer of the blockbuster movies, has already ruled out the prospect of making any sequels, saying: "It just won't happen."

Next year, however, Sacha and his wife will both star in 'Grimsby', a comedy film about a British black-ops spy whose brother is a football hooligan.

The film will also feature Hollywood superstar Penelope Cruz.

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