Simon Pegg wants to write another 'Star Trek' movie.

Simon Pegg

Simon Pegg

The 46-year-old actor admits it was a "real treat" to pen the next installment in the franchise as it was a "pleasure to be given the keys to the kingdom" when he wrote 'Star Trek Beyond'.

Simon - who also plays Scotty in the movie series - said: "It's a pleasure to be given the keys to this kingdom and I would be happy to go back into it. It's been a real treat and I'd embrace another one."

Meanwhile, 'Star Trek Beyond' director Justin Lin thinks adding another film to the franchise must be "earned" and he is enjoying the current experience before jumping into talks.

He said: "I've done enough sequels to know that they're earned and it's a privilege. Right now I'm just focusing on sharing it with the world and just want to enjoy it and if that opportunity comes, I would have that conversation."

The 44-year-old director added that working with Simon on the project was "a dream come true."

He told BANG Showbiz: He's nothing but respectful with his talent and just the way he works. He never gives up and he's always going and going. To be able to draw that line and to be able to work with Simon Pegg as a writer and also Simon Pegg as an actor. I've been a fan of both and to be able to do it with both capacities, it's an honour."

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