Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy has revealed that he was moved by his scene with Nick Nolte in Warrior.

Hardy teamed up with the veteran actor last year for the Mixed Martial Arts movie that also tackled the very real issue of alcoholism and addiction.

Speaking to The Press Association the actor said: "I thought Nick was brilliant in them.

"And when I watched it, I cried actually, because I'd been in places like that, and I was just very glad that what we were doing made sense."

And the actor admitted that he can draw on his own personal experiences when faced with that particular issue in a movie.

"I'm nine or 10 years going on sober now anyway, so I'm a long, long, long way away from my last drink but I know people in and out of recovery and I know people who've died, so that territory for me is actually a space which I feel responsible, to be part of work that's involved in that, because actually I've got something that I can use."

Warrior was met well by the critics when it was released last year and Nolte has gone on to pick up a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for his performance.

We will next be seeing Hardy on the big screen next week as he teams up with Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon for This Means War.

Warrior is out on DVD & Blu-Ray now.

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