The Exorcist

The Exorcist

It was back in 1973 that director William Friedkin brought Peter Blatty's novel The Exorcist to the big screen.

Just two years after the release of the novel the movie was in cinema and it has proved to be an enduring trendsetter.

A demonic and possessed child had never really been tackled on the big screen before, and certainly to the extreme that we see in the movie.

Not only was it shocking to audiences but it really did pave the way for a whole host of movies - and while this type of film has been done time and again over the years it has never been equalled let alone bettered.

The Exorcist remains one of the most disturbing and terrifying movie ever made and it still remains as powerful a watch today as it did nearly forty years ago.

It's the slow and gradual pace that is really powerful element to this movie as Friedkin notches up the tension bit by bit.

There is a real air of menace through the whole movie and the director always makes the audience feel ill at ease.

But Linda Blair & Ellen Burstyn are fantastic as the possessed child and the mother at her wits end.

The Exorcist is a movie that shows that even the most innocent of souls can be corrupted - and leaves you with a few questions of your own.

No matter how many times you watch this movie it always delivers the scary goods.

Forget all of the demonic possession movies that you have seen in the past this is really the first and the best!!

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