Despite releasing his debut album back in 2013, Jahméne "somehow feels" like his next release is his true debut, because he has "lived and breathed these songs."

He says: "These are the songs, emotions and sounds that have been stirring in my heart ever since I was young and I'm so grateful that I can now share that with you all."

Jahméne now collaborates with Female First on an exciting new feature, which saw him share 15 things he wants his fans to know about him.

  1. I tried learning saxophone when I was younger but couldn't afford it after the lessons stopped being free.
  2. I have over 2,000 CDS... a collection that's been going since I was about nine.
  3. My first job was the restaurant in BHS when I was 16 and my whole first wage went entirely on CDs in HMV.
  4. I hate dust and smoke machines on stage.
  5. I have a fear of deep water because of the power of it and what's in it.
  6. I love facts! I can read a dictionary, or an encyclopedia for ages.
  7. I can't stand milk (but I still eat chocolate.)
  8. I was a month late when I was born.
  9. I write poetry and I'm looking to publish within the next year if I can find the perfect publisher.
  10. I have Welsh and St. Kitts (Caribbean) in my blood.
  11. I've studied construction, law, psychology among other things.
  12. My mother was told that she couldn't have any more children after an ectopic pregnancy and then she had me nine months after her granny passed.
  13. I prefer to write to family and friends via post. I was a Penpal kid!
  14. When I was younger I used to want glasses, braces, a cast and an inhaler. It all seemed like fun! I grew up not needing any.
  15. I was given an award in primary school for best smile.

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