Adam Lambert has landed yet another cover, this time gracing the front of SCHÖN! in a weird yet wonderful photoshoot, where he introduces his co-star Mitsy and talks about latest album 'The Original High'.

Working with Max Martin and Shellback on his latest offering, he explained how the collaboration came about.

"Before it all started, I had a demo called 'The Original High' that I actually played for them. They said, 'This is cool, this is not the direction we would expect you to go in but that's why we want to do it. We want to do something unexpected, we want to shift the idea of who you are as an artist a little bit and surprise people'."

The singer also admitted he is still "learning all the time", and is "more than ever learning that less can be more and that sometimes you need to pull the audience in rather than blasting them out. I didn't want to do bubblegum, I didn't want to do campy and theatrical, I've done it. I felt like I had done crazy and I was ready to get real on the album."

Further comparing his new record to his previous albums, Adam adds: "I think this one is more focused and it feels more grounded. I feel like as a performer, I feel more confident than I ever have in what I'm able to do and in creating these songs, I didn't feel like, 'Oh I have to prove something'. It didn't feel like that this time. It felt like, 'I want to feel something'.

Discussing his life in Hollywood, he said: "I lived in Hollywood for 15 years and it's an interesting city because on one hand it can be very glamorous and full of fantasy and possibility and your always meeting beautiful people but the flipside of that is that it can be very false and very hollow."

Now that he's working with Queen, he said the project gave him a "renewed confidence".

"It made me feel validated and like I accomplished something because the Queen thing was a big challenge and kind of intimidating. So coming off of that and feeling like it was a victory was really good."

And chatting about being misconstrued, he revealed: "I think when you wear eccentric clothing and you perform confidently on stage, it's easy to assume someone is an asshole or a diva or whatever and I don't think I am. I'm sure I've had my moments but I think I'm pretty friendly.

"I think one of the other misconceptions is that a lot of the ideas and creativity doesn't come from me. Maybe because of where I came from with American Idol or whatever. I think sometimes people go, 'Why is the label making you do this?' No one's making me do anything. OK, I'm doing it. It is a team effort."

Adam's new single 'Another Lonely Night' is released November 13.

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