With autumn just around the corner, we've taken a look at five artists everybody should be listening to, to brighten up their days and keep that energy high in the run-up to Christmas.

Avicii releases new album 'Stories' in October

Avicii releases new album 'Stories' in October

Avicii - new album 'Stories' - out Oct. 2

Following on from the huge success he's seen over the past few years, Avicii is now releasing the follow-up to multi award-winning debut record 'True', with his new LP 'Stories'. He's already given fans a taste of what to expect with his new collection, and he'll be hoping to emulate the international success latest single 'Waiting For Love' achieved - can he do it? That remains to be seen, but we'd put our money on 'yes'!

Tom Figgins - new single 'Giants Played In Woods Like These' - out Oct. 2

Tom Figgins is an artist we like to get behind here at Female First, and for good reason. It's hard to believe that the guy is just 24-year-olds with his current achievements, as he continues to plug away at making a name for himself in the world of music. His new single is a brilliant listen, and one you'll be sure to return to time and time again.

Janet Jackson - new album 'Unbreakable' - out Oct. 2

Janet Jackson finally returns with her first new album in many years, and her debut record released under her independent label Rhythm Nation Records. From what we've heard so far, the undisputed Queen of Sound is on incredible form, with it looking set to continue throughout all 17 of her new songs - we can't wait to get our hands on it!

Jamie Lawson - debut self-titled album - out Oct. 9

He's the first ever signing to Ed Sheeran's label Gingerbread Man Records, and so should immediately be taken seriously as one of the most promising up-and-coming artists the UK will see in the next 12 months. Not only will Jamie release his record, but he'll go on a full UK tour including a date in November at London's Scala. He's got some busy times ahead of him, and we can't imagine he'll fade from irrelevance anytime soon.

Hurts - new album 'Surrender' - out Oct. 9

With the announcement of their forthcoming European tour, fans will be able to hear live the new music Hurts will be revealing on their upcoming new album 'Surrender', preceded by 'Some Kind of Heaven' and brand new single 'Lights'. The group began work on the new album immediately after their 2013 tour, continuing to write across the globe throughout 2014. Swedish producer Jonas Quant has helped work on the new record, whilst Ariel Rechtshaid and Grammy Award-winning producer Stuart Price have helped sculpt the sound of the LP.

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