A week into April and we're finally looking at some releases that this month, you more than certainly should be listening to. From pop to rock to folk, there's a lot of new material out there, but which four get our seal of approval? Read on to find out...

All Time Low - 'Future Hearts'

Out today, 'Future Hearts' was last week streamed in full by All Time Low, and it provides some of the greatest music the band have ever produced. Keep an ear out for the extremely impressive 'Dancing With A Wolf', and the equally brilliant 'Kids In The Dark'. They're just two of the many tunes that will ensure your energy levels are at an All Time High.

OOFJ - 'Acute Feast'

One of the most interesting new acts to emerge from America, LA-based duo OOFJ are the brainchild of couple Jenno Bjørnkjær and Katherine Mills-Rymer, forming the group after a chance meeting in New York City. Both romantically and musically connected, the pair have seen great success and hope to continue that with the release of this album. We can't wait to have a listen.

Blur - 'The Magic Whip'

As their first album together as a four-piece in the last 16 years, 'The Magic Whip' is proving to be one of the most exciting releases not just of the month, but the year. Blur have always had a place in the hearts of many British fans, but could this be the album that finally wins them worldwide acclaim? It's got the ability to do just that, with some great tracks put together on a record that you'll want to return to time and time again after first listen.

Josh Groban - 'Stages'

With an eclectic line-up of tracks such as 'You'll Never Walk Alone' and 'Over The Rainbow', Josh Groban will likely here prove that he is still a major force in the industry that no longer has to fight for his voice to be heard. With his soothing tones he'll allow us all to bask in his glory, as he puts his own spin on a variety of classics.

Which April releases are you most looking forward to? Let us know below.

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