With the current trend of TV show conventions popping up all over the world-the most recent being the One Tree Hill convention in Montreal, Canada-it got me thinking about the power of TV in regards to music (and reminded me how good the show One Tree Hill is). Gavin DeGraw, the man who wrote the catchy One Tree Hill theme song 'I Don't Want To Be' is a living legend among OTH fans, not to mention the fact that his debut album 'Chariot'-which the single was taken from-was his best selling album to date. It went platinum, and 'I Don't Want To Be' was certified 2x platinum (2,000,000 paid downloads). When the One Tree Hill finale aired 9 years later, the album re-entered the UK charts, reaching number 27. Clearly nostalgia is a powerful motivator in album sales.



Let's continue on with the American teen drama references.

The O.C's popular theme song was 'California' by Phantom Planet. Not only did it become the band's most well-known song, but it also skyrocket to the top 40 in the UK, U.S, Germany, Italy, Switzerland and Austria. In all honesty, I just can't hear 'California' without seeing the faces of Benjamin McKenzie, Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody hanging out in Newport Beach.

'I'll Be There For You' by The Rembrandts is the anthem of the 90s. No matter how old you are, no matter what kind of TV shows you enjoy, everyone knows that when 'I'll Be There For You' comes on, the cast of Friends holding their colourful umbrellas come out.

But it's not only catchy theme tunes that provide us with enough nostalgia to pray for Doc and his DeLorean to take us back in time, it's also the guest stars that make us want to join their fictional worlds. One Tree Hill had Fall Out Boy, Jimmy Eat World and The Honorary Title gracing the stage of the Tree Hill club Tric. The O.C had Rooney, Death Cab For Cutie, The Killers and Modest Mouse. The impressive use of music on these shows led to soundtrack albums, 3 for One Tree Hill and 6 for The O.C, so you can relive your favourite nostalgia-causing moments over and over again.

But having a good soundtrack isn't just a thing of the past, creators of TV shows have realised that music is just as important as the show's content, and are therefore spending a lot more time (and money) to be able to premiere new songs from artists. Ed Sheeran even recorded a special cover of 'Make It Rain' for the violent and drama-filled biker show Sons Of Anarchy. The popular 7-season show also released an album and 3 EP's, which compiled the best music moments from the series.

Like fictional drama shows, reality shows also feature exceptional music, like the popular Made In Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex-they always have the hottest tracks. So if you ever need some new songs for your iTunes, look no further than your TV set. Maybe one day you'll hear me.