'Nina Schofield is an incredible home-grown singer/songwriter & instrumental talent, so diverse and fresh that her unique blend of delicious pop is on the point of global explosion as she announces a UK support tour this Autumn alongside big Radio 2 artists including Nell Bryden, Ben Montague and Blair Dunlop. Coinciding with the tour, Nina also releases her new single 'Come Down' on 6th November. With the ink still wet on her new signing with Notting Hill Music for publishing and an album of original pennings set for release next year, Nina Schofield is definitely top of the UK's ones-to-watch list for 2016.'

That first ever UK tour is probably the most special time in an artist's career. For months, years (in my case a lifetime) everything has built up to this moment. Recording your first track in the studio, releasing your first album - all of these are momentous occasions, but stepping on stage in front of a live audience night after night is the real acid test to an artist's music. That's when you really know whether you're creating that excitement and those tingles down people's spines. If you step on stage and your audiences aren't 'feeling it', then it's time to re-think the day job, because that live experience makes or breaks an artist in an instant.

That's why I'm giving this forthcoming UK tour everything I've got. Audience will be given a delicious slice of me and my piano, I'm going to keep it really intimate so that people have the chance to 'connect' with me and to really feel my music. Plus, a UK tour doesn't mean the same old routine from one town to another, not with Nina Schofield it doesn't. I'll be keeping it fresh from gig to gig, mixing up my songs and offering vibrant fresh tracks each night - no one gig will be the same as the last. So if people enjoy one night with me, the next will be even better.

With a No4 iTunes hit and an album under my belt, I do have a pretty loyal and solid fan base, so I'm hoping to be connecting with old audiences as well as new. I'll be performing as yet unreleased singles as well as songs from my current and forthcoming album. This really is going to be a music cocktail that will ignite some serious music on that stage. I've pushed myself more than ever with this new material, so I can't wait to share it with everyone, there really are some surprises in there.

I'm supporting the likes of Nell Bryden and Ben Montague who feature heavily on Radio 2 as well as Blair Dunlop. They have an amazing following so I'm hoping their fans will enjoy my performance as much as they do the bigger artists.

With nominations for Best Female Artist on both sides of the Atlantic (2014's Best of British Music Awards and Best Female Vocal Artist in the Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2014), vocals alongside Emma Bunton on the national ad campaign for the Channel 5 show 'Don't Stop Believing', live appearances at the Montreux Jazz Festival (sharing the bill with the likes of The Black Eyed Peas, Jeff Beck, Gnarls Barkley and Lily Allen), an enviable dance-floor following with her featured vocals on Aurosonic & Frainbreeze's 'Lift You Up' track and being head-hunted by Dutch pop/RnB super band, Romeo, to join them on their sell out come-back show - Nina Schofield is fresh talent who can deliver a punch with her music. Added to which, she co-wrote and co-worked with Oscar, Grammy and Golden Globe winners and nominees with a striking list of names such as Morrisey's Richard Niles, Gabrielle Aplin's Tom Wilding, Usher's Angelo Valentino and Orbital's Lloyd Perrin, Nina is clearly making an indelible mark on the industry. Catch her live and enjoy.

For more information visit: Website: http://www.ninaschofield.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ninaschofieldmusic Twitter: https://twitter.com/nina_schofield

Tour Dates:

  • 25th Oct Leicester - The Musician Supporting Ben Montague
  • 3rd Nov Newcastle - The Cluny Supporting Nell Bryden
  • 4th Nov Edinburgh - The Tunnels Supporting Nell Bryden
  • 7th Nov Huddersfield, Lawrence Bately Theatre Supporting Blair Dunlop
  • 13th Nov Bury - The Met Supporting Nell Bryden